I’m a student at university, nearing the end of my undergraduate degree. Obviously, I want to make the most of it, just like I want to make the most of life in general. To be able to do that, my time needs to be organised well and I need to follow my plans and schedules.

I don’t currently do that. Like most people, I procrastinate. There’s good procrastination, but I want to stop doing the bad one.

I have different ideas, mostly borrowing general concepts and practical tips from popular personal development websites, and trying to implement them using technology and programming.

It’s not just my time I want to organise, but ideally all areas of my life.

Being organised won’t give me a boring life (this is a false belief I really need to change) nor less freedom; it would be the opposite actually, it would give me more freedom. It would give me more time and I’d be more flexible, since I know exactly what my timetable is and what I can change around.


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